mourn and marry
Afscheid Hartemens


Geen woorden, geen gehoor.

Een lach, een traan.

Misschien mag ik je helpen, om gedachten en woorden vorm te geven.

Je te helpen zeggen, wat je nog graag wilt delen.

Fluisterend of hardop.

Personal farewell what is that? But especially HOW do you do that?

Saying farewell does not happen suddenly, the will to hold on and at the same time having to let go takes time. But you don't have that between death and the farewell ceremony. So when you have to say goodbye to the one you love very much, who is so dear to you and is such an integral part of your life, it may just be that your world comes to a standstill ...

A lot has to be arranged before you can also take that step, in order to say goodbye as "good" as possible. In the first instance, the funeral director is involved, who primarily guides the family and arranges all organizational and logistical matters.

My role
I can help you personally give shape and content to the farewell by reflecting on who the deceased was and who was all around him or her. I am looking for the right words, texts, symbols, music, images and poems, and everything else that is needed to say goodbye as well as possible.
Er is zoveel mogelijk, en graag ga ik samen met jou in gesprek om je geliefde of dierbare goed in beeld te brengen en kunnen wij boven tafel halen waar hij of zij voor stond. 
Wie belangrijk voor hem of haar waren en waarom hij of zij de dingen deed zoals ze gedaan werden.

Sometimes rituals say more than words

We also look together at who can do what while saying goodbye. If there are children or grandchildren then I will try to involve them in this.
It is a personal farewell and everything is aimed at primarily saying goodbye to the deceased and also helping you to take careful steps in your own grieving process.

It is also possible to meet when you know that your life is finite and you would like to discuss and write down what your personal wishes are. It is often extra difficult and fraught to do that with your immediate family.
It can help because to do with someone who dares to get “close to you” but is far enough away from you and I can help you with this.

Remembrance ceremonies are beautiful and keep the memory of the deceased alive, for example one year after death or during the burial of the urn or the ashes.
Maar denk ook aan het “vieren” van de geboortedag!!

Almost anything is possible!
I don't believe in impossibilities but try to think in possibilities. So in principle I will also do everything to make "wishes" come true.*

Or it must not be allowed by law

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