mourn and marry

Shape a ceremony about 'experiencing memories'

Mother's Day at Rusthof 2017

Every year when it is Mother's Day and of course also Father's Day, many people come to Rusthof. Bringing flowers, "being there for a moment", remembering as you already do every day, but now again very consciously. Where all those fathers and mothers young and old, too soon, or after being sick or otherwise are remembered.

In 2017 - the plan was to take people in the auditorium in a completely different way by means of a commemoration meeting, in their memories. experiences, there are ... and so much more.
Where employees of Rusthof are part of the ceremony in a different role.
Sharing grief with each other and being able to give "hands and feet" to it.

Mother's Day at Rusthof 2018

In this year remember and commemorate again, but we go a step further. We involve the people in the meeting by giving them a brush and the opportunity to paint. Literally experiencing a ritual, "giving hands and feet to masses" again, being allowed to do, experience and live through something. 

Where Esther Kruiter, together with Paul Jan and Jan Peter, sang to people “Welcome here”. What an intense meeting it was and how nice it was to be there again with the faces of Rusthof for so many who want to commemorate their father or mother. 

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