mourn and marry
Rouwbegeleiding Hartemens

Grief counseling

- I help you moving when you get stuck -

The story starts in December of 2020 when I receive my diploma as a Grief Counselor at Buro Nazorg in Zwolle. But it actually starts much earlier, of course.
Throughout all the years, with aging, job choices made, by marrying bridal couples, but especially as a ritual counselor at goodbye, I noticed that there was and is so much raw mourning among people . Still unfinished pieces, that call for attention and come back again and again.
People who literally got stuck, and physically could no longer do the things they always did, mentally stuck because some pieces of pain or grief keep coming up.

And there I sat with a lot of knowledge, (not to be saved) a listening ear with families and bridal couples. With a clear goal in mind (planning a wedding or a farewell) but often with the underlying question, HELP me or us.

And then so many years ago I actually wanted to follow a training as a grief counselor, but then I started as a ritual counselor when I left. I am still grateful for that, because I have been able to listen, hear and see a lot in recent years. Gained knowledge, and noticed that each story is unique, although there are so many common threads and issues in everyone's life. But above all that every person is unique within his own story and that is exactly what makes grief counseling such customization.

RAW walks

Pretty soon I came up with the idea that sitting and talking might be very healing for some people, but literally getting moving can mean a lot to others.
And that's how the RAW walks arose. On the road together, walking on easy paths, sometimes braving gnarled roots of trees or with two feet into the loose sand. Come loose from your thinking, back to feeling!
Come loose from your thinking, back to feeling!
With many creative methods, translated to nature, sitting on the ground or in a tree, looking back at where you come from, but above all looking forward to where you want to go.

What may and can I do for you? 
To be a listening ear, so that you feel heard and seen in who you are? Because of the delay, I sometimes think aloud with you. Do you talk and I am silent, and sometimes we are silent together so that your insights can find ground. Giving SPACE and attention to your process and investigating where is your pain, where does it come from and what do you need to be able to continue.

Raw grief is about life and everything that presents itself in it. Do you want to hear more, but get moving even better before you get stuck? If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.
Maybe we'll have a walk together soon.

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