mourn and marry
Werkwijze Afscheid rouwbegeleiding

My services

You may have just had to say goodbye to your loved one or loved one?
Then there are several ways I can help you.

If you know that you have to say goodbye, I can come by beforehand. We can meet and talk to the person who is going to die and / or together with the partner and children. Look at the farewell together, and maybe find words that may still be said, and / or where there is still room to (help) connect loose ends (things that are not yet finished).

I like to help shape and give substance to the farewell

But often I come into the picture when the person has passed away and I am allowed to help families in the form and content of the farewell. We will talk together about the lived life, who was he or she.
Who were important and why did these people play a major role in life. What were the passions and motives. We are talking about friendships, sports and about the cheerful and maybe other sides of life.
And together we will see who can we involve, with words, music, maybe together shaping a ritual that touches and matters . It is important that what is said about the deceased may help the next of kin a little to move on later. Which may still contain a message, something the deceased wants to give.
But above all, lovingly saying goodbye TOGETHER.

The thread running through the ceremony

In the week of the farewell I will come by extensively for the first time to hear all the stories, then I will get to work and write for you. That story runs like a thread through the entire ceremony.
Then I come by again to read the text, because everything has to be right and it is nice if you have already heard the story once again. My experience shows that there are always beautiful anecdotes and memories added.
And of course I am also available all week, if there are questions, emotions or uncertainties.

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