mourn and marry
Lisette de Lange

About Lisette

I am Lisette de Lange, a proud mother of a cool young son and partner of a sweet man. But above all a heart person. After a lot of work experiences abroad as a hostess and entertainer, and a very nice time as co-owner of a creative furniture store in Apeldoorn (Vivre Pour Toi), the time has come to put into practice what I previously did unconsciously.

Helping to give form and content to ceremonies from my heart and to guide people when they get stuck in life after loss in the broadest sense of the word.

When I still had our shop together with my sister, so often people came in with the most personal, intense, intense stories, about loss, about feeling heard and especially not heard or seen, with pain (in whatever form) and I noticed at one point that I really only wanted to be there for them. Listening with sincere attention, without judgment, perhaps an encouraging word, giving an insight (helping) or sometimes just holding on and sharing a hug.

" Lisette vindt woorden en maakt verbindingen die de plechtigheid 
en/of ceremonie tot iets onvergetelijks maken. "

Deeply driven from within to help people, to help them further, whether that is with a wonderful personal wedding ceremony or in helping to give shape and substance when saying goodbye to a loved one, or when people get stuck in their lives due to the raw grief that floods them and comes their way and needs attention, it doesn't matter. All those personal stories touch me and ask to be heard.

Sometimes people ask me that mourning and getting married is so far apart. How do you do that, that switching, it may also seem too big, but the raw grief is everywhere, whether you are young and just starting a life together, are a little further on the road and your backpack is already quite full, or if you are already lived a whole life. 
These are all stories that should be shared when it comes to marriage and mourning.
And when it comes to a grief counseling process, it is a story that stays between us.

Every time I experience it as a gift when people allow me into their lives at these intense intersections. Feeling and empathizing with someone are such special moments for me that I am very grateful for every time I am allowed to be part of it.

Keywords for me such as Opening up, Empathizing, Feeling, Creativity, Listening with a capital L, Continuing to ask, Providing tranquility, Storyteller, Trust and putting people at ease so that they can show themselves in all their vulnerability.

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