mourn and marry
werkwijze Lisette Hartemens

Your wedding - my services

You are getting married? Then it is important for you to meet me and of course for me to meet you together. Where you tell me about how you envision the ceremony, what your dreams, your wishes and thoughts are. And if you like it, I would of course like to think along! See together what suits you and how you can let the people who belong to you and who are witnesses with you, be part of the ceremony. And of course when there are children it is of course important to see how we will involve them. Especially to be part of YOUR ceremony!

There is also room for parents or witnesses to say or do something. In short, a wedding ceremony where you get in with anticipation and which will be talked about for a long time to come.
But above all, this meeting is of course also important to see if it feels good for you together to entrust me: YOUR ceremony, an important and valuable conversation.


And when you have hopefully decided that I can marry you. Officially or Ceremonial, I will visit you again a few weeks before your wedding day for an extensive conversation. I have a lot of questions for you and we dive into the conversation together. In the meantime, I will talk to your witnesses and possibly other guests who are also involved in coloring your ceremony.

And then I get to work…. Put your own story on paper and make the translation.
If it concerns a ceremonial ceremony, I will also make the deed for you and possibly the possibility for a marriage certificate.

And then the big day !! Bring it on, I'm already looking forward to it !!

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