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Workshops and training

For professionals in the funeral industry

In 2015 I developed a workshop for professionals with the title: 

Personal farewell what is that? but especially How do you do that. 

This workshop originated from not wanting to "wait to be called for an assignment". In Amersfoort and the center of the country there are many freelancers in the funeral industry. Everyone has their own way and gives interpretation that best suits the family and the deceased. Although the profession of ritual counselor is an addition, an addition to the profession as a funeral director and you always work together in practice. With the aim that the next of kin can say goodbye as "as possible".

How fantastic it was that the CBA Crematorium in Amersfoort offered me the stage for this workshop and hosted it. I gave the workshop several evenings together with Lisan van Hees and Hans Veerman.
It was a gift to attend this for their relations and customers. Sharing content and knowledge together in the auditorium, about a personal farewell. What exactly is that? What do you understand by that? But especially how do you do that!
It was very valuable for everyone, the different thoughts and ideas, the sharing of mutual experiences. For me it was special to let this group of people experience what a Personal symbol is, what that means and how it feels to be involved (part of) during a ritual.

Through a circuit with various examples of rituals, I let the visitors experience what rituals are and how valuable a ritual can be. Afterwards there was of course time to meet each other while enjoying a snack and a drink.

A workshop for Görtz & Crown

Görtz and Crown is a company that trains Nannies to become a professional Nanny and also places this group at home and abroad. They had organized a return day with the aim for the nannies to meet each other but also learn from and with each other.

I gave a workshop for them on how to recognize grief in children of different ages. But also in practical terms, what can you do with this group of children to help them "give hands and feet" to their grief.
How can they express themselves and what is appropriate for what age?

Are you also interested in a workshop? For you as an individual or company? Send me an email and we will explore the possibilities.

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